Year 5 - Biographies

The Year 5 pupils today (14th March 2019) were focused in their literacy session, where they began writing their biographies based on a famous person. The children used their notes and planning sheets from this week to help them construct their biographies. next week we will be publishing our biographies and hope to share them with others in the school.

"Who would you like to write a biography about and why?"


Aoife 5M - I agree with Joshua but another person I would like to write about is Barack Obama

Taylor-5M - I would like to write a biography of Walt Disney because his career is amazing and his life is very intresting👍👍👍👍

Samuel 5F - I liked this lesson because I enjoyed the writing

Joshua 5M - I would love to write a biography based on Galelio Galelei. The reason why is because space is very interesting and I would like to know how he came up with the heliocentric model.

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