Year 5 at UBS

Today (10th July 2019) five children from Year 5 entered the last stage of the STEAM competition at UBS Bank and came third. The children had to design a robotic car and an obstacle course to allow the car to be challenged. They used many of their skills to successfully complete the challenge. The car had to be carefully moved through the challenging obstacle course ensuring they used their communication skills, team work, maths, scientific calculations and most importantly - fun.


Miss Kepha - This is the way to go!! Well done to everyone who participated and Year 5 as a whole.

Zayd's Dad 3G - Awesome to see young minds at work AND showing bankers how to have fun whilst learning! Great job by all!

Ece 5F/6S - I really really loved UBS it was so fun and joyful we became 3rd place from all 12 schools

Jehana 5f - i loved every moment although we became third place we tried our best and our prize was AMAZING for the next yr 5 i think you will be doing this to so make sure you try your best and have great teamwork and be creative 😋

Mr Matvad - Well Done!

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