Year 5 - Adverts

This week Year 5 have been learning about adverts; their features and their purpose.

Today we shared our final adverts about porridge with our peers, discussed the many different features we included and if we would want to buy each others porridge.


Ariella-5MC - I really enjoyed looking at other peoples adverts and trying to spot what kind of features they used. That topic was very interesting making our own adverts based on porridge! When I went to different 5F's class room I could see losts of different colour and see what kind of imagination they are putting in their adverts.

Dominik 5F - I really liked making the porridge advert.

rodell 5mc - It was really fun making adverts maybe when I grow up I might make some adverts about porridge and kids remember to use suspense figurative language and persuasive language

Aliyah - Well done guys I really miss you

Ariella-5MC - It was really fun creating adverts!

Mr Logan - Hi Year 5,
It's great to see that you're enjoying learning about such an important feature and skill of modern life!
Adverts are everywhere!
If you understand their purpose and features you will be able to do at least two things:
1.) Never be duped by 'false' advertising.
2.) Be able to create your own adverts and generate interest in your own business or create adverts for an advertising company and earn a good salary.

To further your learning, keep your eyes peeled and identify all the different locations you see adverts and try to identify the different persuasive techniques they use.
Stay great or become even greater Year 5!

mei - It was really fun and creative!

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