5M African Drumming Session

As part of our Black History Month, the children in 5M were excited to take part in a drumming session, where they learnt about rhythm, pattern and tone.


hoodo - It was lots of fun

Marie 5m - I really enjoyed the lesson

fowzia - Amazing

Chaimaa - It sounded amazing.

Bruno - I thought it was so much fun.

pharrell - I thought it was very fun 🎉

Teyah - The lesson was really cool and funny I couldn't stop laughing.

Maya - It was fun and taught the class to drum different rhythms.

Amara - That was lots of fun and I want to do that again

Queenie 5M - We had a lot of fun and learnt new things

zainab - This lesson was really fun and amazing.

Anaiya 5M - That was really fun and exciting to do we had a lot of fun.