Year 4 - Time Capsules

On the final day of the school year 4S and 4G dug up their time capsules from the hop garden that they had planted during their transition week in Year 3. It was very exciting to read the notes they had written over a year ago.  Mr Garber was particularly impressed with how so many children had met and exceeded the targets that they had set themselves. What will they all achieve by this time next year? The sky is the limit!


MIRACLE - I like digging out time capsules

foyinsola 5C - Wow you guys that's amazing I want to try making a time capsule. Good luck in year 5!!!

Rodell - I like to be in year 2 but I am going to year 3

Ronya - That's amazing, I remember when I was in transition week in year 6 we wrote letters to our future selves.