Year 1 - 1T's Weather Report

In Cross Curricular, 1T have been learning about the weather. We identified different types of weather, explored weather in the British Isles and looked at weather in different countries around the world. We then made our very own weather report and had lots of fun creating it!


audrey 3G - Wow!! You did a great job 1T!!!!!!!

Julie 2c - Well done 1T

Jenelle 4k - They smashed it 👌👌👌👌

Miss Gustave - Congratulations on your fantastic weather reporting skills 1T. Very proud of you!

Hal - I really liked the raining part! Well done 1T.

1P - Well done 1T, it's very cute! We liked it because it's fun to watch.

3G - Fantastic-so professional

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