Virtual Assembly - 9th July 2020

Carnival Week - Day 4


Jeremiah - Mr Swarbrick you're an amazing painter

Florence 3P - 👍🏽 Great dancing!
Definitely one of the best assemblies yet!!
Great art work Mr Swarbrick, you are an artist!👍🏽
Great choice mr O Flynn!😀
I will try the art at home.❤️
We are family, I got all my sisters with me... 💛
It's amazing that Lanyla made the dance up!!😀

Keyen - Amazing!!!!!!!!!! It was the best thing I ever saw

Mr Placide - Hi all,
Daubeney carnival week has been looking good so far. I was hoping to do a song as well but I couldn't find the backing track that I needed. Probably I'll do one for the next carnival celebration. Looking forward to the final day. Congratulations to all who have been involved.

Miss Sue G - Well done Daubeney, what a great song to do 😊

Miss Tracey - Another great assembly well done pod A great team work well done on the dance routine mr swarbrick lovely t shirt cant wait till carnival assembly

Mr Logan - Well done Daubeney!
Pod A gave us all a wonderful example of teamwork making the ‘presenting’ dream work :)
Mr Swarbrick you are certainly developing your art skills - I think you’re being a little harsh on yourself.
I hope the pupils are developing their art skills too, and their dancing and singing skills.
We are Daubeney...
I’m looking forward to Friday’s assembly, I can’t get the song out of my head!
At Daubeney we are the...?
But WHY are we the best?
Keep on doing your best and never forget, Daubeney 💛s you!

Vietanh - well done every one

Miss Yasmin - Great presenting Florence, Lanaiyla, Edie, Rachel, Nayeema, Poppy, Katie and Alice! Well done on learning the dance routine. 😀👍🏽It’s so lovely to see you all, I miss you! 😘❤️
Mr. Swarbrick, I just love the design on your T. Shirt. The finished design looked amazing. You did very well for someone who is “not a very good artist” 😏
Cherry blossom not only looks pretty but has a gorgeous smell too. ☺️

Kadir - That’s a great T-shirt Mr Swarbrick

christopher - mr. o flynn are you coming into school Wednesday next week? I love the t-shirt to!!🎸

Mr. O Flynn - Great dancing pod ! What a beautiful T-shirt Mr. Swarbrick.

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