Virtual Assembly - 8th July 2020

Carnival Week - Day 3


Mr Logan - Well done Noora! You demonstrated great confidence and wonderful presentation skills. I’m really looking forward to Friday’s assembly! Have fun making your carnival outfits, learning the We are Daubeney song and learning the We are Daubeney dance routine, as choreographed by our very own star in the making...Laniya ⭐️
And demonstrated by the fantastic Gaia and Poppy, who made it look so easy.
Thank you Miss Lawrie and Mr O’Flynn for the tutorials, and Mr Namo too for the best cameo appearance in a virtual assembly :)
I must also say a big well done to Miss Phillips for coordinating this week’s carnival theme. Let’s all give Miss Phillips all the support she needs to make this the BEST virtual carnival in the...
Daubeney 💛s you

Florence 3P - Great presenting Noora. Lovely dancing girls.

Miss Tracey - Lovely presentation Noora lovely dancing girls mr o Flynn good choice of song cant wait to see videos keep safe all bye for now ❤

Amir's mum - Great assembly and nice dacing

Mr Swarbrick - Wow! What excellent presenting, well done! This is the perfect song for Daubeney - I'm going to practise singing it at home. Laniyah that dance is brilliant, I can't believe you came up with it yourself.

Mrs Alam - Great presenting Noora! Fantastic dancing Laniyah, Edie and Poppy. Can't wait to see those videos for the carnival.

Mrs Taylor - Great presenting Noora! Girls, thanks for teaching us the dance so energetically. Mr. Namo, thanks for your lively contribution too!

Miss Bibi - Wow! I think I will also create a T-shirt!!!! Great dancing, can't wait to see those videos.

Mr. O Flynn - Good morning Daubeney family ! Send in your videos of “We are family”.

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