Virtual Assembly - 3rd July 2020


Lackeyrah - I did my best😊

Jeremiah - Every presenter I have seen on the website makes daubeney seem like a great school which it is so keep it upπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Laniya - Happy birthday josh party was πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ
It is my birthday August 16

Jeremiah - Hi everyone well done
I loved the assembley

Miss Tracey - Lily well done again and well done too every one who took part in this assembly happy birthday to everyone who has celebrated their birthday and is going to celebrate bye for now

Miss Meehan - Well done Lily you are a natural presenter and it’s one of the many talents you possess. Lakeyrah, Adeoye, Jusson, Bola and Cristina you’ve all grown so much since March- you look ready for the next chapter and I know you will all have a smooth transition to secondary school- best of luck to you and all the year 6 children πŸ’• well done to everyone who contributed to today’s assembly it was very enjoyable.

E'naisha. 2C - Well done LilyπŸ‘πŸ‘

Miss Phillips - Lovely everyone! Lily, you were amazing.

Mr . O Flynn - I loved the meditation! What a beautiful assembly everybody !

Miss Lucey - Well done to all who took part. Lily, you are a natural and I loved how you added your personal touches to the presenting.
Thank you Year 6 for sharing what you are looking forward to.
Well done Coco, what a fabulous and thoughtful idea! Thank you Dominik for your continual contributions to our assemblies.
Finally, well done to Kai and thank you for showing us how to make soya milk.
I am looking forward to Carnival Week next week :) Have a great weekend.

Miss Gustave - Transitions can have their challenges but at Daubeney I think that we are fantastic at preparing our children to deal effectively with all changes during their years with us.
To all thosee who contributed to our assembly today, well done. Great skills Kai, Lily you are a great presenter.

Lena 3G - That soya milk looks so tasty and I loved the assembly it was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Prisca - Well Done Kai that was amazing and well done to Coco for your amazing stall.
Happy Birthday to you all, hope you enjoy your day.

Miss Emily - You were a FABULOUS presenter Lily! 😁
Well done Coco for all your fundraising, that was such a kind gesture! πŸ‘
The soya milk looked delicious Kai, thank you for sharing it with your Daubeney family. A big shout out to all who took part in today's assembly!
Happy Birthday to all you Daubeney lovelies who are celebrating!
Also a very big THANK YOU to FLORENCE and DILLIS for your amazing cake that you made for Daubeney staff yesterday we really enjoyed it, it was great with my cup of tea and so tasty.
Have a great weekend everyone.

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