Virtual Assembly - 30th June 2020

Transition Week - Day 2

All About me Booklet


Florence - 3p - My most memorable moment from this year was when we went to Kew Gardens.❤🙃

Miss Caren - Great assembly hopefully the useful tips will help everyone with their feelings during this transition week.

Miss Gustave - Another amazing assembly ❤. Lovely to hear all the nostalgic memories from everyone. I myself had so many.😍 I miss all of you, really looking forward to having the entire school all together again so we can continue making great memories.

Miki 2K - Thank you miss Kepha for your kind words - we will miss you so much.

Mrs Taylor - I always enjoy looking over the year and finding moments to appreciate. I really enjoyed putting together class assemblies with 3T this year- they all acted like true professionals! It was great to see them all engaging with works of literature like 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'Great Expectations'. I look forward to seeing how they progress in this area in the coming years.

Miss Phillips - Such a lovely assembly. Thank you Miss Lucey and Mr Swarbrick, I noticed your Dumbledoore quote! Very nice, advice to live by!

Mr. O Flynn - A heart warming assembly!

Miss Fergus - It was so lovely to hear about everyone's memorable moments. I agree with Mis Besime, World Book Day was one of my favourite moments too. The children's costumes were amazing and there was such a great buzz around reading and our favourite stories and characters. I'd also echo Mr Swarbrick, we've had so many great moments with the Year 6's this year.

Miss Tracey - Lovely assembly miss lucey the 5 tips are very good to get prepared for going up to your new class I have a few good memories of this year the Christmas show went well world book day was fun and during lockdown I loved watching and taking part in virtual assemblies

MUHAMMED - My favourite moment is when I made my 1st friend & maybe last.

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