Virtual Assembly - 2nd July 2020

Transition Week - What are you looking forward to?


Miss Theresa - I am looking forward to seeing all of you guys again, really miss seeing all you children in your element. Can't wait to help you guys to be at your best around the school and in class. But most of all, I can't wait to beat some of you in king-ball and basketball again ^_^

Miss Meehan - Well find Aaliyah you’ve done a fantastic job presenting the assembly! Great to hear from all the teachers

Gloria - Well done everyone who joined the assembly

Miss Gustave - 👏👏👏👏 Well done everyone!

Miss Gustave - Fantastic assembly Daubeney. Nice to see all these eager faces ready for the new school year. Spanish Champions well done. I have worked at many schools across London and never have I met Spanish Championships. Well done Daubeney 👏

Miss Tracey - Another great assembly nice to hear what you're all looking forward to doing next year

Lily 6M - Well done Aaliyah amazing presenting you're a natural 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Mr. O Flynn - Good to see all those teachers ! Well done Spanish Champions

christopher - Im looking forward to meet my new teacher ; a new classroom and just the start of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!😝

Elliot 4DM - I am so excited to go to year 5 because: 1. I will get to see my new teacher 2. I will get to know more complicated things 3. I will be surrounded with new things!

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