Virtual Assembly - 2nd April 2020


Dominik 5F - Well done Gaia.

Miss Cheung - That’s amazing Malek! Keep it up!

Mr Logan - Gaia! Wow!
I’m so impressed, simply by you jogging at 6:30am.
However that’s not enough fitness for you, you also join in with Joe Wicks everyday.
You then enjoy a day of home learning that includes: numeracy (TTR&IXL), literacy (reading), art - I loved you’re creations (your mum’s tiger was very good too!) and you complete all the tasks assigned by your teacher.
I can see that you’re enjoying, and making the most of home learning.
Continue to take ownership of your learning and to ENJOY learning, even when it’s challenging (just like getting up to go jogging at 6:30am!).
Thank you for sharing your video diary Gaia.
Daubeney ❤️‘s you!

Maiya5b - Ohhlalala those are amazing Recipes

Malek 2p - Hi Ms Chung I did my 100 challenge today!

Sabiha, Faheem's mum 1l - I loved all the recipes thank you so much, i will be trying them all. Gaia your work was lovely and so was your mum's :)

Miss Tracey - Hi nursery hope your all keeping safe with your families miss you very much hope too see you all soon keep safe keep learning 🤗

Miss Tracey - Hi phoebe I'd like to say what a wonderful piece of work you did and well done on using your phonics to spell the word elephant very proud 👏👏 missing you

Miss Tracey - Another great assembly the recipes look yummy. Miss Philip's the girls looked like they enjoyed 😋 Gaia love the home school diaries

Mr Dharma - Wow! Wow! Wow! I can't wait to try the pancakes. Gaia! What can I say your talents just never cease to amaze and inspire me.

Miss Patel - Wow! Now I'm craving some banana pancakes 😋
Gaia!!!!! Loving your homeschool diaries. Your artwork is out of this world, and your mum's I'm speechless 😶

gaia - those pankakes look delish

Ms Khatun - Hi everyone, I loved all the recipes! Please give the pancakes a go they taste absolutely delicious. Ms Philips made banana pancakes too 👌

Mrs Alam - Wow looks amazing! Loved all the recipes 😋

Miss Cheung - Wow I loved all the recipes! I'm so inspired to try all of these now! And your artwork is amazing Gaia!

Greta - Hi, I loved Gaia's artwork especially your mum's! I also liked all of the pancakes the teachers made see you soon! :)

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