Virtual Assembly - 29th June 2020

Transition Week


Miss Tracey - Thank you miss Emily x

Miss Emily - Wow, what a wonderful and very meaningful poem Miss Tracey, well done! 👌😊

christopher - great 😎assembally

E'naisha. 2C - Always believe in your dreams Mr swarbrick🤯🏆 I can't believe Liverpool won the premier League 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Miss Tracey - Thank you caren I cant take all the credit I had help from a friend to put it together

Miss Caren - Another great assembly well done Daubeney team. Great poem Miss Tracey lovely words you are so talented.

Brian 6M - yooooulll neeeveeer waaaaallllkk allloooonneeeee oh and well done everyone!!! :D

Miss Tracey - Thank you E'naisha I'm glad you liked it miss you all too

E'naisha. 2C - Thank you for the great efforts to do all these amazing assemblies by the way I loved your poem miss Tracey. Thank you to Mr Logan for this whole assembly 🏆 you're all the best teachers I miss you so much 🤗•ᴗ•

Miss Tracey - Good afternoon daubeney thank you mr Logan transition is a big step we have to all take in life some more than others but as I always say DON'T WORRY ABOUT A THING BECAUSE EVERY LITTLE THING WILL BE ALRIGHT a qoute from my favourite reggae singer Bob Marley look foward to seeing videos hope your all keeping safe and working hard with your home learning I hope you liked my poem bye for now

Mr Swarbrick - Transition week is one of my absolute favourite weeks of the year! It's always so exciting to meet a new class of children and also to see my current class make their first steps to secondary school. Also, I'm loving the respect for Liverpool in this video! PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS AFTER 30 YEARS! You'll Never Walk Alone!

Mr. O Flynn - What a lovely assembly. Send those videos in families !

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