Virtual Assembly - 26th April 2021


Communication Learder - Well done to everyone who helped during the assembly. And well done TTR winners
I wonder who will win next week!

Gaia - Well done

Communication leader - Well done for another amazing assembly. And to everybody who was in it bravo also amazing work in tt rock stars and the breathing techniques were so much fun. Massive congrats to all of the golden achievers. Can't wait to see the next assembly.

Ms Gray & 3G - We loved the poetry from Yr 5, well done girls.

Chaleigh (Archies Mum) - Yes!! 🙌 Well done 4M!

Miss Gustave - Well done to everyone who contributed to making this assembly a success. Congratulations to all of our Golden Achievers, you are all Amazing. I have made some wonderful friendships at Daubeney because there are so many wonderful people here. Remember to always be a true friend to others, there were some wonderful tips on what makes an excellent friendship.
Keep up the competition in your TTR! Who wants to be a Rock Star!
Have a wonderful week everyone!

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