Virtual Assembly - 25th January 2021


Mei - I really enjoyed reading the Greek gods. I hope you enjoyed it too!!!

Miss Fergus - Well done Year 6! These are great tips for reading at home. Mei, I really enjoyed listening to read - you read with lots of expression.

Harvinder 6S - Well done to the teachers and also a well done to 5MC for being at the top of the league in TTRS

Miss Lucey - Farheem, what part of your work are you most proud of and why?
Elliot, wow that is an amazing record with your Rubik' cube. I have never been able to complete one! That might be a goal for me! Any tips?
Armahn, 400 pages in 3 days is a great achievement it must have been a very interesting book, well done. What book are you going to read next?

Armahn 5MC - I am proud of reading a book with over 400 pages in under 3 days.

Miss Nadia - Well done golden achievers, Miss Bridget's Victoria sponge definitely keeps us all going 😋

Miss Tracey - I'm proud to be part of daubeney family and see how you all achieve soo well in all that you do keep up the good work

Elliot 5B - I am proud that I have beat my record with my Rubik's cube (00:56)

Karmen 6K - I really like this assembly and all of the teachers who use their time to come to school and help.

Faheem 2HP - I'm proud of my work

reyhan-6fo - I really like this assembly and well done to all of the teachers good effort

Mr Swarbrick - Well done to all of the children who took part in today's assembly and a huge well done to 5MC for topping the TTRS league table! After months of 4DM being top, it's a big achievement and shows what can achieve when your persevere. A huge well done to our Golden Achievers this week.

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