Virtual Assembly - 22nd February 2021


koray-4B - I also love the breathing technique!

Miss Tracey - Well done to everyone who took part in the assembly welcome back lovely window displays

Harvinder 6S - Wow, what a GREAT video!!! I enjoyed it so much and found it interesting! ( I also liked the way that on the windows there are some very cool creations! :)

Katie 4M - Well done everyone. I really enjoyed the assembly.

Armahn 5MC - 5MC!!!!

Laniya 5B - Wow the hands at the end looked cool :)

Xanthe - Mr Swarbrick you got a hair grow

sheya - I really loved it great work

Amina-5B - I really want to come back to school so fingers crossed 🤞.

Isaura 4M - I loved it! I do my favourite breathing technique is hot chocolate it makes me feel calm when am afraid and I make my own gym at home. stay safe bye.

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