Virtual Assembly - 21st May 2020

Hispanic Week - Sports


Miley-4K - I don't have youtube so I cant watch any fun assemmbally's so my mum is going to fix that but now I cant watch anything
I Hope Everyone Is Enjoying Lockdown

Mr Arribas - Aupa Atletico de Madrid!πŸ˜€
Elliot, That's great! I am really happy you like learning new words in Spanish. Please carry on learning new words at home. You can use or any other Spanish-English dictionary online. And also well done for having learn so much about all those countries where they speak Spanish. Now you could research on some of the others

Bernadette Clinton - Me encanta tu camiseta de Atletico Madrid! Aupa Atleti!

Miss Emily - ‘Bien hecho por la exquisita asamblea a todos! (Well done for the exquisite assembly everyone). 😁

Miss Yasmin - Great assembly, well done everyone! I really enjoyed today’s assembly. And like Elliot, I love learning new words in Spanish too! πŸ˜€

Mr Arribas - Hola Gaia! Thank you for watching everyday. I know you love Spanish so I hope you have been enjoying our assemblies this week

Miss Tracey - Hola todos and todas muy bein to all that took part in this assembly I'm afraid I dont know much about sport but I enjoyed finding out gracious senoir Aribas for putting together this Hispanic assembly I've enjoyed it look forward to tomorrow AMAZING presentation from our daubeney team πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ keep up the good work we are all very proud of you take care keep safe adios for now amigos and amigas

miss clare - Another great assembly. Its great learning all about the different countries and sports

Gaia - Hola

Miss Caren - Another great assembly well done Daubeney family.

Elliot 4DM - I also love learning new words in Spanish

Elliot 4DM - I now know a lot more about Columbia, Costa Rica and Bellevue. I also love football !!!

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