Virtual Assembly - 1st February 2021


Amina-5B - I liked the assembly

sheya 3s - I really liked the assembly

Mr Logan - Hello my Daubeney family,
Thank you for sharing your interpretations of the word ‘together’ Ameerah, Stepas, Elliot and Jaycee. I smiled in my heart when I read, ‘...Being a good friend and family person.’ 💛
Markus - we really want you in school too!
Take good care of yourselves everyone and I hope you’re enjoying your learning this week when we all focus on Children’s Mental Health.
Daubeney 💛s you

Ashanti 4DM - I really liked the assembly oh and I think together means that you have to do most things together.

Miss Gustave - Good morning Daubeney family, another fantastic assembly from all the contributors. I especially like the regular contributions of the mental health team and all of you top tips! Lovely work Miss Phillips. Congratulations to all the winners of TTR.
Have a fantastic week everyone!

Daniel 3s - That was good

Bersu 4m - That was an amazing assembly

markus - I really want to go to school.

reyhan-6fo - The teachers are the best and make this school a better place

Elisha 4M - Great Assembly

reyhan-6fo - Well done to everyone in the school especially the teachers

Jaycee 2p - Together to me means being kind to people and helping each other and being a good friend and family person 🙂

Elliot 5B - Together means spending time with my relatives.
Nice music Miss Philips

Emmanuel 6S - I really enjoyed the assembly

Stepas - I think together means doing things with your friends and family

Inaayah A 4M - BRAVO KATIE!! Well done Katie and BRAVO Flo!!

Dara 4M - I really enjoyed the assembly also I Really liked at the end how MRS was blending the colours with pink and red and all of them

ameerah 4M - I think it means that two people they have the back so they are 'together'.

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