Virtual Assembly - 19th May 2020

Hispanic Week - Cooking and Food


Xiomara 6M - Thank you so much Mr Aribas for allowing me to take part of this. Well done everyone!

Miss Fergus - Those recipes sound delicious! Well done everyone!

Sheila : Aidan's great aunt - Aidan thank you for all the interesting information about Argentina. Maybe one day you will get to go there ! That would be great ! It sounds like they have some delicious food too so maybe I will come with you ?!?

Zahra 6F - The food recipes are fabulous i will definitly try them. Great work everyone.

Mr Matvad and Zakariya 5B - Lovely assembly everyone!

Daubeney mum - We really enjoyed this assembly. We are planning to complete all the tasks but we might not have time this week. Thank you for providing them we will definitely make use of them :)

Miss Meehan - Que bueno! Loving all the recipes, I will definitely be trying out some! Well done Xiomara I will definitely be trying the ceviche and Zara a nice dessert to go along with it. I love Spanish omelette so I will definitely be trying that too. Gracias senor Arribas

Miss Caren - Great recipes Daubeney family.

Miss Tatu - Hola a todos! Muy bien a todos los niños por presentar! I absolutely loved this assembly. Well done to Dara and Aidan for your amazing presentation on Argentina! You all did so brilliantly well :)

Esther 5B - Wow I will deffinitly try to make that!

Esther Stoel - Well done, Aidan! Your American grandma is proud of you!

Yasaa 2C - wow !! what amazing recipes i have been introduced too! I can't wait to try them out with my mama.

Mrs Alam - I think I might make tortilla de patatas too. looks delicious! Well done everyone.

Bernadette Clinton - Que rica la tortilla de patatas! Lovely to see the involvement of parents too. You are making us feel hungry. Hasta manana.

Miss Gustave - Hola familia, esta fue una brillante asamblea del Sr. Aribas.
¡Esas recetas se ven increíbles!

Mrs Taylor - Wow, Aidan and Dara, I loved your facts! I found out lots of things I didn't know. Now I have lots of new recipes to try out too. Thanks Mr. Arribas and everyone who contributed to this video.

Miss Patel - Well done Dara and Aiden! So many amazing facts.

Miss Melanie - What a wonderfully informative assembly. I’m was so impressed with your knowledge Aiden.
It was great to see so many Daubeney pupils cooking such delicious looking foods. I’ll definitely have to try out some of your recipes!

Mr . O flynn - Hola everyone! What a great video from Mr. Arribas

Miss Phillips - I’ve been thinking about tortilla de patatas since Noora made it and now you too Mr Arribas! I think it’s a sign that I’m going to have to make it myself!

Miss Kepha - Such a fantastic assembly. Amazing facts from Dara and Aidan. Well done to everyone, I can't wait to try these recipes.

Well done 2K on winning one of the battles on times table rockstar!! Our target last week was 2000 and we managed to achieved 4087 questions. I am super proud of all of you. Our target for next week is 5000 questions. Well done everyone, keep rocking!

Mr Swarbrick - Well, now I'm hungry after watching that! Xiomara and Zahra that food looked delicious! Also, huge well done senior Arribas (although I'm still not over the Athletico v Liverpool result)

Elliot 4DM - I love Spanish food!!!

Miss Tracey - Buenos dias todas and todos muy bein
What a lovely assembly Aiden well done on researching about Argentina I love the landscapes muy bein. Muy bein mr Aribas on your tortia potatas I have tried this its deliciocu muy bein to our other two cooks today look forward to tomorrow assembly keep safe adios amigas and amigos

Brian-6M - Yaaaay yaaaah Hispanic week maaaan I love Hispanic Week and so does my little brother Derick in Blue class

otis and dad 4M - Thank you Mr Aribas for teaching me and my dad a lot of things

Miss Cheung - Wow, so many great facts from Dara and Aidan! I've got so many new recipes to try from this video!

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