Virtual Assembly - 18th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent / Daubeney Bake Off Day 4


Miss Gustave - Amazing talent from our Daubeney family. WOW!

Mr Swarbrick - Wow! Lily you’ve grown up so much! You presented that brilliantly - well done! I’m so proud of you. Elisabeth, that was unbelievable! How do you speak that quickly? How do you remember the words? What a talent!

Miss Yasmin - Idan, Elisabeth, Aidan, Malek and little Sophia, a massive well done to all of you! You were all fantastic with your own unique talents! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
Lily Ann, you did a terrific job presenting. πŸ‘πŸ½
And Miss Kepha, your cakes looked so goood.🀀

Ms. Balthazar (Ms. B) - OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Lily Ann and Elisabeth you two have grown so so much!!!!!!!! You were just wee ones when I taught you!!! I miss you both so so much and you are both such talented young ladies! Listen you can accomplish anything in life and you both never forget that please! Lily Ann you are so well spoken and filled with so much confidence and that’s so great to see! Elisabeth, I LOVE HAMILTON!!! The ten dollar founding father without a father got a lot farther by working a harder ( my fave song from Hamilton)!! I miss you both so so much! Please keep shining!

Angel - Well done everyone πŸ‘πŸ‘

Miss Fergus - Another amazing show of Daubeney talent. Elisabeth and Aidan that was amazing! I'd love to see Hamilton when the theatres are back open. Idan, Malek and Sophia - what talented musicians! I really enjoyed watching you play. Miss Kepha, you'll have to bring us all some cakes when we are back at school. Fantastic presenting Lily, well done!

Miss Tracey - What an amazing assembly Lily Ann I can't believe I had you in nursery you have flourished into such a lovely young girl and have achieved so much well done I wish you all the best in secondary well done to Elizabeth and Aidan well done to Sophia Idan and Malek great playing miss K you are such a good cook look forward to seeing more talents keep safe bye for now

Mrs Taylor - And Sophia, a special shout out to you too! What a talented young musician you are.

Mrs Taylor - Idan, that was absolutely fantastic! You played beautifully. Aidan and Elisabeth, wow! I really want to see Hamilton. So many talented pupils at Daubeney. Thanks for sharing.

Miss Rania (City Year) - Amazing job to everyone in the videoΩ« the talents were incredible. Special shoutout to Elizabeth and Aidan because Hamilton is the best musical out there and you did a superb job of singing. Lafayette is the best character β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‚

Florence 3P - 😊 Great assembly.
I loved the recipe for the cakes. πŸ‘

Miss Afsar - I am so proud of you Lily Ann, your presenting was great! I remember teaching you in nursery all those years ago. You have flourished into a confident young lady.

Mr. O Flynn - Every last one of you , fantastic. I hope you have inspired others to take a risk and send a video in

Miss Emily - Brilliant presenting Lily! 😁
Thank you for sharing you're talents Idan, Elizabeth, Aidan, Malek and Sophia. You were all totally πŸ’―AMAZING! πŸ‘
The cakes looked delicious Miss Kepha!
I can't wait to see more Daubeney Family talent tomorrow!
Have a lovely day Daubeney Family. 😊

Elliot 4DM - Amazing cake!!! πŸ‘

Miss Lucey - Well done Lily Ann for presenting, you were a natural!
Elisabeth and Aiden, that was amazing, I have not seen Hamilton and would love to see it.
Well done Idan, Malek and Sophia, beautiful playing.
I am looking forward to tomorrows assembly where we will see more children showing off their fabulous talents!
Remember to send them to admin today, no later than 3pm :)

Miss Theresa - Wow Idan, that's some talent for sure!! Elizabeth, I remember you telling me you were going to see Hamilton, that was really impressive. Well done Malek! Sophia, are you sure you're only 6?! Young maestro I tell you. Those look delicious Miss K, my stomach is rumbling from here YUM!

Gaia - Well done

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