Virtual Assembly - 18th January 2021


Miss Elaine - Thank you for awarding me a Gold Achiever!
Thank you Everly for your lovely comment it defiantly put a smile on my face.

Emily Li Vigni - Thank you very much for my Golden Achiever Award! 💛
It has made me feel very special! 🤗
Congratulations to all my amazing colleagues for their Golden Achiever awards too.
Thank you Everley for your very sweet comment. 😎
It's great to be a part of The truly amazing Daubeney Family.

Ishmel - Fun assembly

Miss Prisca - Thank you E'naisha :)

E'naisha 3k - Well done miss Prisca

Miss Gustave - Well done everyone for another inspiring and interesting assembly. Remember reading is one of the most important things to help shape your future. Read a book today! The LSA staff at Daubeney Rock!

Miss Phillips - Well done to our amazing support staff! What would we do without them?!

Miss Prisca - Thank you for making me Golden Achiever!
Thank you Amiyah & Jannat :)

Miss Tracey - Well done to my fellow colleagues 👏👏👏 keep up the good work our daubeney family needs us more than ever seeing you all achieving your goals makes me very proud 😊 well done to the junior teams we have in daubeney be very proud of yourselves 🤗👏👏 I'm proud to be part of the Daubeney family ❤

E'naisha 3k - Thank you Mr Dharma

Elisha 4M - I might try the ladder

Everly H 2C - I love Miss Elaine, Miss Emily and Miss Karen

jannat 4S - Well done teachers for your fantastic teaching you deserve it all because you make us smarter

Amiyah 5B - My goal is to become a better cook and baker and I can achieve this by practicing and keep on trying.
Also very good assembly well done to all LSA's

jeaquan 5mc - My dream is to work for the NHS because they have saved so many of my family members

Mr Dharma - Yes 4DM and 3K - topping the TTRS League Table! You guys are maths rockstars! Well done!

Emmanuel 6S - My goal is to become a better footballer and I can achieve my goal by practicing and focusing

Miss Fergus - Those are fantastic tips for reading at home Year 6! Well done!

Ameerah A 4M - Love the assembly.

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