Virtual Assembly - 17th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent - Day 3


Gabriella - That is so smart now we can listen to assembly at home. 😃😇😍😍😍😍😍😍

Miss Fergus - Wow, I'm so impressed by all the talent Daubeney Family! That was such a cool story Miss Philips. What an inspiring poem Miss Nadia. Great song Mr O'Flynn. Mr Placid I loved your song and the dancing at the end! I agree with Miss Prisca, cupcakes for me too please Miss Patel, they look delicious! Well done Miriam for presenting, I am am very proud of you!

Miss Tracey - Some great talents well done to you all cakes looked yummy miss patel

Mr Logan - Well done Team Daubeney!
Firstly - great presenting Miriam - you’re another pupil who has taken to presenting as if you’ve been doing it forever! Well done, you’re developing great life skills.
We’ then enjoyed a ‘natural’ story teller.
What an ‘original’ story/party trick Miss Phillips - thank you for sharing it with us.
We’ve seen a poet.
Miss Nadia what a wonderful original poem about heroes - we might have to get your original ‘Heroes’ poem mounted and signed for my office! Thank you for sharing it with us.
We’ve also seen singers - examples of a folk singer and an extempo singer. Thank you Mr O’Flynn and Mr Placid for those outstanding examples of those respective genres. We might have to get you in concert!
Finally, we saw another mouth watering example of great baking skills from Miss Patel - a lady of many talents!
I know we have story tellers, poets, singers and bakers just to mention a few possible talents that you all have among you - showcase your talents. As Mr Placid said, “What are you waiting for?”
Also for all those wannabe Youtubers- you’ll need content for your channel, send in an example of your content. Watch Thursday’s assembly carefully and you’ll see another famous youtuber let you know he’s watching. Thank you Viddal Riley for those words of encouragement.
I look forward to enjoying another fantastic celebratory Friday assembly that puts a spring in my step for the weekend!
What’s your talent?
Send in those videos and pictures!
There’s no need to be shy!
Daubeney 💛s you

Miss Katie City Year - So many wonderful talents!

Miss Yasmin - Miriam, that was brilliant presenting, well done! 👏🏽
Miss Patel, your chocolate cupcakes look so delicious! Your talents are endless. 😩
Mr O’Flynn, I wasn’t quite sure how to describe your performance but Mr Swarbrick did it perfectly! You really are an entire band in one!! Your singing was fantastic.
Miss Phillips, your party trick was out of this world! 💫I really enjoyed watching it. You also have another talent that I’m not sure you’re aware of. Ask me what it is and I’ll tell you...🙇🏽‍♀️
Miss Nadia, your poem about heroes was amazing!
And last but not least Mr P. What can I say? That song was superb, singing was on point and moves at the end were addictive, 👌🏽 I couldn’t help but join in, don’t tell anyone 🤫🙈

Mr Arribas - So much talent, Daubeney!!! Poets, origami artists, bakers, musicians, singers... Awesome Mr O'Flynn and Mr P!
Well done Miriam! Brilliant presenting!

Florence - 3P - Great recipe Miss Patel!
I loved your song Mr Placid.
Great story Miss Phillips.

Mr Swarbrick - Wow - this was amazing. Mr O'Flynn that song was great - you're an entire band in one! Miriam, absolutely fantastic presenting! I think a lot of year 6 children have future careers in TV!

miss clare and charlotte - Nice assembly

Miss Emily - Excellent presenting Moriam! I loved the song Mr P, it was GREAT! Miss Patel those cakes looked amazing! Well done Daubeney Family Adults. 😊🧁🎤🎧🎭

Ms Gray - Mr Glenroy-that was brilliant well done.

Ms Nadia - OK Mr P, that was fantastic.
Well done everyone the talent in Daubeney are indeed endless.

Miss Prisca - Great Story Miss Phillips very unique :)
Wonderful Poem Miss Nadia
Loving the music in today's assembly :D
Miss Patel I want some cupcakes when we get back please. Yummy!!!!

Mr,O F - Mr P that was fab. What a treat ! Miriam please sing for us . Well done to everyone in this assembly!

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