Virtual Assembly - 16th June 2020

Daubeney’s Got Talent Day 2


Lyla - My brother went to that acting school his name was Lucien

Mr Swarbrick - Well done, Bola! Brilliant presenting! I'm definitely going to try the origami!

Mr Logan - Well done for presenting Bola!
Thank you to our City Year team for feeling the fear and doing it anyway!
I look forward to seeing some of our teachers’ talents in Wednesday’s assembly.
I look forward most of all to seeing your videos on Friday - as Mr O’Flynn said, feel the fear and do it anyway. Remember, you can showcase your baking skills too!
Daubeney 💛s you

Miss Yasmin - Well done for presenting Bola, you were fantastic! City year team, it was lovely to see you all and your amazing talents! 😀

Cityyear - Well done Bola! Really glad you enjoyed our talents. Looking forward to seeing all of yours!

umitcan - I really liked all of the talents

Florence Wood - I really liked doing the origami making a swan.
Thank you

Miss Tracey - Good talent city year good presenting Bola 🙂

Miss Emily - Great presenting Bola! 👍😎

Mr. O Flynn - Well done Bola . Don’t be shy everyone ! Feel the fear and do it anyway . Send in a video to Daubeney today .

Miss Emily - Well Done City Year! Loved your talents. I shall definetely give the Swan and the cross-stitch a go. 😎😁

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