Virtual Assembly - 16th July 2020

6S Virtual Leaving Assembly


Kadir 6S - This moment of my life was the best time I got to meet new people new teacher also got learn a lot of stuff that will help me during my life, STAY SAFE DAUBENEY👋

aysha-6S - I had a great time here

Miss Tracey - Year 6's another emotional assembly I will miss you all continue to do your best in every thing you do never give up and follow your dreams bye for now hope to see you one day in the future and hear how you're getting on 😢

Ecesu sen - Thank you for all teachers that helped me and my class . I remember all teachers that taught me since nursery and I will probably not forget them . Also I will come and visit Daubney :) when I have time .
In addition I also want to thank for my friends because they are wonderful and very helpful.

Mr Swarbrick - 6S, it was an absolute honour to teach you. You brought a smile to my face every day and I will miss every single one of you. I wish all of you all the happiness and success in the world.

Mr Logan - 6S - that assembly was fantastic and a great way to showcase your time at Daubeney.
It was great seeing you progress through the years!
Zainab, I remember teaching your older sister in year 6 years ago when you were in nursery, and look at you now - all ready for secondary school!
Stay great 6S and I look forward to hearing of your future successes!
Daubeney will always 💛 you

Sarah Miller - Well, it's just as well I watched that without Matilda because it made me cry again!
Congratulations 6S and good luck for secondary school and the future. And thank you Mr Swarbrick for all your hard work and support and for being such a brilliant teacher. Hope you all have a wonderful summer, Sarah

Elliot 4DM - Have a good time in year 7 6S!!!

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