Virtual Assembly - 14th September 2020


Jennifer J 6s grandma - Wow you guys are being so healthy you are even exercising!! Well done golden achievers

Miss Theresa - Racheal! 100 sit ups?! I'll ensure I catch up with you this week for a demonstration. Jahkyla I have no idea where you get the energy. I have to say the most significant thing I do for my well being is ensuring I do absolutely nothing every once in a while. Well done to all the Achievers for this week. Shout out to Ari and Umitcan too, apologies for missing you.

Mr Logan - Well done to both 2HP and 6S for discussing this as a class and, for sharing your thoughts on wellbeing.
Do any of you do the same activities for your wellbeing as Esther, Rachael and Jakyla-May in 6S?
Like Mr Swarbrick, Iā€™d like to congratulate and commend ALL of our week1 Golden Achievers.
Daubeney, continue to do your BEST to look after your wellbeing.
We all know what happens we do our BEST! šŸ’›

jahkyla-may 6S - I do my part in well being i not only exercise by roller skating swimming and other things I eat healthy by drinking lots of fruit smoothies and fruit salads in the mushed up version I also keep myself entertained by going to lots of after school clubs you need to keep your well being so you can be happier healthier SO KEEP YOUR WELL BEING :)

Racheal 6S - For my wellbeing I try and do 100 sit-ups everyday.

Esther 6S - For my wellbeing I go surfing and I skateboard and I walk my dog every morning I eat lots of fruit and lots of nutritious food and I do house work.

Mr Swarbrick - Congratulations to all the achievers this week and a HUGE congratulations to Racheal in 6S!!!

2HP - Well being is when your mind is healthy and when your mind is healthy, you'll be happy!!!!

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