Virtual Assembly - 14th July 2020

6F Virtual Leaving Assembly


Maelle 6F - I’m crying watching this , it breaks my head to say goodbye to our beloved class , school. It goes so quick it felt like yesterday was me in Year 5 knowing I still have one more year before secondary , but now.. ❤️

Sarah (Aoife’s mum) - Thank you to everyone in Daubeney for making the year 6 ending simply wonderful. It is a tribute to you all and we are hugely grateful. Despite all the Covid logistics you managed to create a very special and important ending for our wonderful year 6s! You leave us with many treasured and proud memories. Thanks for being amazing x

Jeremiah - It is so emotional to see friends leave but I wish you all good luck in secondary

Ms Besime - You have all worked so hard Y6s, and come on such a journey.
Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. It has been a very challenging year for you guys, but you all pulled through and we all could not be prouder!
Everything you have learned will help you in your future endavours!
Make us proud and keep being fantastic!

Reach for the stars. ✨✨✨

Miss Tracey - Good by 6f I was watching this with😢in my eyes soo kanye of you have achieved soo much from when I had you in nursery I wish each and everyone of you every success in the world always do your best always believe in yourselfs and follow your dreams NEVER GIVE UP il always remember you you were my first nursery class I had in daubeney come and visit and as me Logan said always remember your daubeney family ❤you

Mr Logan - 6F - It was a blessing to see so many of you graduate formally today. Watching the video brought back so many memories and demonstrated that you are truly READY for secondary school.
You can all become whatever you desire as long as you PERSIST and gain the knowledge and skills associated with your chosen profession.
Always do your best, and you will achieve YOUR success!
And never forget - Daubeney 💛s you!

Miss Rania (City Year) - This so cute, you guys are an amazing class and it was a really fun experience helping out with the Into-University trip. Good luck with secondary school and make sure to keep that same spark and energy. Also, don’t forget to have fun whilst meeting new people, making new memories and enjoying new opportunities!

Miss Fergus - You have been a an absolute pleasure to teach 6F and I will miss you all! I felt quite emotional looking at all the photos of your amazing memories. Make sure you all come back and visit.

Daubeney Mum - Tears in my eyes! Good Luck year 6

Miss Patel - 6F, I will always remember you for being the class that always made me laugh, there was NEVER a dull moment with you. One memory from year 4 that I will always cherish was carnival day. All the girls in their cute white dresses (which was kindly made by Anesi's mum) and the the boys (and some girls) in top hats and suits. You guys stole the show with that performance. Also our trip to the seaside was just perfect. I wish you all the best on your new chapter and remember we are all rooting for you. 🎉 #Classof2020

Armahn 4M - Please do not leaveeeeeeeeee!

Praise 4K - bye 6f I miss you😥

Gaia - Good bye 6f👋😩😥😢time goes by when you're having fun🎉🎉⏳⌛⏰

Elliot 4DM - Good bye 6F

Angel 6F - Wow! I’m so sad to leave year 6 it feels like I just joined yesterday, we’ve really come a very long way.

Léna 3G - Bye 6F all I want to say is when one door closes another one opens which means a new chapter begins

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