Virtual Assembly - 14th December 2020

Dear Daubeney family,

Welcome to our final virtual assembly for 2020.

Enjoy the last week of school with all of the festive celebrations and a special farewell to Mrs Thomas on Wednesday.

Stay great!

Mr Logan


Sude 4DM - I love the assembly it was so good

SKY-LA 4Dm - I loved the assembly it was really enjoyable

Miss Gustave - Another fantastic assembly Daubeney. Well done to all those who contributed to the assembly. Congratulations to all the Brilliant Golden Achievers. Many changes occurred in 2020, especially in the way we do things and interact with each other. The people of the future might look at this time period and have some sound advice for us all. We learn from our actions and we make changes for the better after the experience.
Looking forward to an amazing 2021.
It is so sad to know that you are leaving Mrs. Thomas, we will miss you immensely.
All the best for the future.
Happy holidays.

Mr Logan - Aidan (4S) well done for submitting an answer.
There are many who might agree with you that the pandemic made 2020 a historic year.
How could you convince those that might disagree with you, i.e. what evidence could you provide to support your opinion?
Well done again for submitting an answer - that demonstrates to me that you are an enthusiastic learner!

Bersu 4m - What a lovely assembly.

Miss Tracey - Farewell miss Thomas all the best

Miss Tracey - What a lovely assembly well done to everyone this year has been a very challenging and yes an historic year one that everyone young or old will remember years to come well done to everyone for not giving up and facing each challenge and achieving I'd like to wish you all a happy and blessed holiday keep safe keep well and hope to see you all in 2021

Aidan 4S - I think the reason it’s a historic year is because of the pandemic.

Ms Gray - What a lovely year group you are Year 3 all of those compliments to your friends are lovely to hear.

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