Virtual Assembly - 13th July 2020

Graduation Week


Sarah Miller (Bea's Mum) - Congratulations 4K! Brilliant work!

Roux's mum - So proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emmanuel 5B - Well done

Maelle 6F - It's gunna be so tough to say goodbye to everyone, everyone throughout the whole school, so if you guys are reading this I love you guyssss ❤️😂

Ronan 2K - I am just saying a goodbye to year 6 .

Nevan - Well done Rue and Umitcan you did superb well done👍👍😄😄🤩🤩😎😎

Hamza-5B - Thanks Mr Logan for the it takes a village and the assembly also Times table champions and everyone in Times table rockstar🙂 to year 6 good luck for secondary school.😄

Maggie-3T - Thanks to Aofie who was really nice to me no matter what

Sofien-5mc - well done year 4K

George - Well done to Roux and umitcan but why couldn’t it be 5MC

Otis - I hope you’re going to have a fabulous time in secondary

Arlo - I loved it 😄.

Zayd Malek 4M - Well done Umitcan and Roux for making our class look amazing - we should have been The Champions! #LFC

Miss Tracey - Good morning everyone hope you all had a lovely weekend it is the last week of term it has been a strange year but we have got through it daubeney family by keeping strong keeping safe and being there for one another ❤you daubeney family look forward to the rest of this week's assemblies

Jusson-6m - That was amazing but I'm sad that were last place

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