Virtual Assembly - 11th January 2021


Elisha 4M - Well done teachers

jannat 4S - well done teachers

Armahn 5MC - Well Done To All The Teachers :)

Ephra 1L - Mr Logan, I really wanted you to be the golden achiever. Well done to the other teachers.

Nahriah - Well done

Levi (2HP) - Thank you to all the teachers for your hard work in making sure we still get lots of fun learning. I hope everyone is staying safe.

Zakariya M 6S - Well done to our amazing teachers!!!!

Daniel 5MC - Well done Teachers 🎇✨

Racheal 6S - Well done Mr Swarbrick!!!

otis 5mC - Well done

otis 5mC - Good job to all our teachers

Angela 3k - Well done 👍 you taught us well!!

Amiyah 5B - Well done to all teachers

Hassan 6FO - Well done to all teachers

jeremiah - Well done !!!!!!

Jenelle-6S - Well done Mr Swarbrick . 6S is super proud

Harvinder 6S - Well done teachers and mostly Mr Swarbrick.

Emmanuel 6s - I'm very proud of you Mr Swarbrick keep up the good work

Poppy 6S - YES well done sir you did it you got Golden achiever

Hassanatu 6S - Well done teachers! And a big well done to Mr. Swarbrick!! :D

Maiya - Well done everyone!!!

Sienna 6s - Well done

Ryan 6S - Well done Mr Swarbrick

James 3k - Good Job

Neslihan 5mc - well done

scarlett 2hp - Well done teachers for your golden achievers it was amazing.

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