The 2021 RSPB School's Bird Watch Event

Did you know that there are 622 species of birds in Britain?

Did you know that the most popular birds in London are woodpigeons, house sparrows and starlings?

Daubeney has been invited to take part in the RSPB Schools Bird Watch event this weekend!

If you are interested, watch the video below.

Find more information on the RSPB website and use the documents to help you keep count of all the different birds that you will find.

If you are in Year 3, 4, 5 or 6, also make sure that you tune in to the live BBC bitesize show at 11:00 on Thursday, 28 Jan.

Here at school, we would love to see any photos or videos of you and your family on the lookout for birds this weekend. 

Submit them to 

Good luck Daubeney! I wonder what you'll find...


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