'So Much' Read by Mrs Alam


Amir( nursery) - Nice story my son Amir really liked it thanks Mrs Alarm.

Phoebe (nursery) - “That was a lovely story and I love babies”, (phoebe really does like a book with a baby in, so really enjoyed this, thanks mrs alam)

Miss Tracey - I love this book sooo much I used too read it too my children every night when they were little and I used to try putting an accent on too thanks miss Alam for sharing this story

Miss Yasmin - That was a lovely story Mrs Alam! Baby is so lucky to be surrounded with so much love and attention. I love holding and playing with babies too. ❤️🥰
My favourite part in the story was: “He push the baby first, the baby hit him back, he give the baby pinch, the baby give him slap.” 😂😂

Mrs Alam - I’ve always enjoyed reading this book. It is written by Trish Cooke who uses her Dominican background to influence her writing. I particularly like how this book celebrates family life whilst embracing diversity. Trish is also famous for writing multicultural children’s book, scripts for theatre, TV and film. She is also an actress. I remember watching Trish present in the BBC’s television series ‘Playdays’ when I was a child. Those of you growing up in the 90’s will probably remember this.

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