'Little Leaders' Read by Miss Nadia


Mr Logan - These are such wonderful short biographies of pioneers! Thank you for sharing these stories with us Miss Nadia. I wonder if one day one of our Daubeney students will grow up to become a great pioneer by following their passions?

Miss Fergus - Thank you for sharing the inspiring stories of these incredible women Miss Nadia. I love this book, I have it in my classroom.

Florence - 3P - Thank you for choosing this book!
What a great choice.

Miss Nadia - Glad your enjoying the book Daubeney family, it is indeed an amazing book and I’m so happy to be sharing it. Look out for the next set of amazing black women in history coming soon ❤️

Miss Theresa - What an amazing anthology of inspiring black women Miss Nadia! So many amazing figures I had no idea about - pilots, scientists, doctors, spies, rescuers and more in such hostile environments. Proves that the need for implementing the proverbial 'high ceiling' in the workplace is irrational and unfounded. I'm definitely going to purchase this book to share with others. Thanks Miss Nadia!

Miss Tracey - Thanks miss Nadia I remember learning about mary seacole at school what a lovely woman .was nice to hear about the other 2 women too

Miss Yasmin - Thank you Miss Nadia, I loved hearing about all of the bold women in black history. I was excited when I was familiar with 2 of them! (The smallest things give me joy ☺️). First inspirational woman I had already heard of is Mary Seacole. I learned about her life at Daubeney during a DSR session. This is because one of our DSR book packs includes a book relating to Mary’s life and achievements. The second inspirational woman I already knew from your list is Alma Woodsey Thomas. I learned about her very recently, can you guess by whom...? 🙇🏽‍♀️

Miss Nadia - Nicole it’s never to late... it would be amazing to see you demonstrating how amazing and talented you are for Daubeney’s got Talent instead.

Nicole-4DM - This is what I wanted to be for world book day it would of been amazing :)

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