Every Little Thing read by Mr Logan and Katie


Miss Patel - Katie, I am so proud of you. You read that book with so much confidence. The book is just perfect because we all need a bit of positivity in our lives right now. Thank you for sharing it with us 😊

Pod A - Well done Katie, You are an inspiration. You are brilliant, we are so proud of you x x

Grandma pat here - When I bought this book for Katie little did I realize one of the outcomes would be this delightful video-many many thanks to the school for all you have done Not only for my grandchildren but for all Daubeney children

Gordon Millar - Hey, well done Katie, you did a great job with your friend. It’s a lovely song and a great message to send to everyone at this time.

Katie’s mum - How lovely. Daubeney are very lucky to have such a wonderful head teacher who takes time out of a busy day to sing and read with the kids. Thank you Mr Logan!

Miss Tracey - My favourite Bob Marley song I play to the nursery every day and tell them everything will be alright and not to worry bout anything thank you mr Logan and katie for sharing such a lovely book dont worry about a thing because every thing will be alright

Mr Logan - Thank you for reading this book with me Katie (and thank you to all the Millar family for sharing this book with us), it was a beautiful way to bring my Monday to an end.

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