ORDER, ORDER! The House will hear...

Last Friday, Daubeney's finest school council members were given the marvellous opportunity to attend a visit to The Houses of Parliament in company of Miss Bree, Mr. West and City Year's own Mr. N.

The trip allowed for the group to venture into the heart of London, specifically the area of Westminster, in which the students were able to come across prominent landmarks such as London’s famous clock tower; Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the River Thames. As well as the home of the UK Parliament, The Houses of Parliament is also a royal palace and former residence of great kings that have contributed to the prosperous development of British society.

The school council members were given a quick yet vigorous history lesson of Parliament as well as understand and witness the insightful world of British politics and how our government operates in the United Kingdom, especially for our country to run successfully. Our enthusiastic tour guides took us through the historical structure as we learnt about the Palace of Westminster and the work of Parliament today.

The visit included the students being able to see The Sovereign's Entrance and Norman Porch, which is used by the Queen whenever she is entering the palace. The majestic Robing Room, decorated in depths of history and colour. The council members were also able to see The House of Commons where many debates have occurred which have permitted laws to be passed, so they could serve the needs of the British public.

As we concluded our visit in Westminster Hall, the last remaining part of the original Palace, the students were able to truly reflect on the years of historical change that hopefully encouraged them to be the forerunners in the future of British politics and promote positive change for all. We even hope to see one of them running the country in the not too distant future!


shyun old year 6 [now] my best friend was twins and sugra - Wow I miss this school

Hassanatu 3T - Well done school councillors

Teyah - You guys look great

Malia - Well done to Aoife

Aoife 3a - I had an amazing time, it was a wonderful opportunity, and I just want to say thank you to Ms Bree.

Aaron 5C - Wow they are so lucky I'm totally jealous!

AYA 3K - I am a school councillor and I had an amazing experience on this trip :-)

Janelle - Cool, well done.

Ramatu- 5O - Well done school council on your trip!

salma 4G - Wow, you were lucky. I wish I was there, it looks humongous.


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