School Council - Interview with Matt Harding by Jago

The School Council are divided into four committees; the Journalist Committee research and write articles about activities scheduled to take place in school, what children do outside of school and anything of interest happening within our community. This is an article written by Jago in 5MC. He interviewed a parent who is a musician.




Mr Logan - Well done to Jago on conducting an informative and thought provoking interview with Mr Harding.
I certainly learnt so much about Mr Harding above and beyond him being a parent here at Daubeney.
It'd be wonderful to see him perform at St Augustine's Tower. But if we can't go to the Tower, perhaps Mr Harding could come into school and perform for us.
Again, I commend Jago on conducting an excellent interview.
Stay Great Jago, and all of our School Councillors!
I look forward to the next contribution to our website from our School Council's Journalist Committee.

Malek 2P - I like music sessions in year 2. This interview was good.

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