School Councillors 2017/18

Congratulation and welcome to Daubeney Primary School Councillors of 2017/18.  They have taken on their new responsibility with enthusiasm and dedication.  We would all like to wish them all the best for the year ahead.


Mariana - Hello I use to go to this school since reception I miss you Emily

aliyah - well done Georgia

Aysha 4k - Well done you guys!!!

Alaine 5m - I'm so happy of myself and all the school councillors

Jehana 4k - Thank you for voting for me I really appreciate it and I promise I will not let you down!!!♥

Blessing 5M - Good job School Councillors!

Zoe - So meeting on friday

TJ 6S - remember first of december school council meeting on the dot!!!!!!!!!!

Kayin 6F - I really appreciate all the support from my class thanks guys

zara 5M - School council jobs are a bit hard but also fun at the same time.

jenny - This is my second time being on school council

TJ 6S - Thanks for the support, next meeting 1 December.

Lisa Aldridge - Well done everyone- am sure you'll do a brilliant job!

Ramatu 6S - Hope you have a great duty and job!

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