Reception - Yellow Class Visit the Library

Yellow Class have been on their first trip to the local library. We walked all the way there and the children were so sensible and grown up. Mrs Addai and all the grown ups who accompanied us on the trip were very proud of all the children.

The librarian read us a story called 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Brown. 

We then got to look at books that we liked and we were even allowed to take a book back to school.

We cannot wait until our next trip!


Gaia 3p - I bet it was fun. I am jealous!!!!

Stephanie (Levi's mummy) - Lovely pictures, Levi had a great time was telling me all about it on the way home. He even said to me "Lets go and sign up" (but we already are :) )
Levi loves listening to stories and looking at the illustrations.

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