Reception - Yellow Class Learn About Autumn

Last week Yellow Class learnt all about Autumn. We learnt about the many things that happen during this season from the leaves changing to yellow, orange, red and brown and falling to the ground. 

We learned about the animals that their own important job of collecting food so that they can store food to eat over for the long winter months, when there is little to eat. 

We learnt about the hedgehog and how they eat as much they can before they go on their long sleep for winter and that this is called 'hibernation'. 
We learned that many foods in England are harvested at this time of year such as potatoes, pumpkins, apples, pears and blackberries, pumpkins.

Yellow Class did lots of learning and activities around Autumn as you can see from all our wonderful pictures.


Dominik 4z [Emilys brother] - Very impressive work yellow class

Stephanie - Aww this looks so fun. Levi has been telling me all about it and asking me lots of questions about Autumn such as "Why do the leaves fall from the trees?"
Levi even told me that he needs to collect some brown autumn leaves to take in :)

Taylor-5M - Wow they look amazing

maelle 5m - Your drawings look really good

Miss Bibi - It has been a pleasure, reading and exploring all your photos Yellow class. Using oil pastels too, amazing art work.

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