Reception - Yellow Class Journey to Africa

Last week we went on a journey to Africa. The children thought deeply about what it would be like to go to this very large continent and what they might see there. We watched real life video clips of some of the amazing animals that live in Africa. We talked about what the weather would be like and the kind of things people wear in such a hot climate. Mrs Addai brought in many things that were from Africa that she has collected on her travels. We got to taste some of the delicious fruits that come from Africa such as pineapple, mango and papaya. They were so yummy!

We all liked going to Africa : )

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stephanie (Levis mum) - Levi has been telling me all about this, he said that he wants to go to Africa. Levi also told me he tried lots of yummy African fruits which I am pleased about as some of them he never eats for me haha, he even asked me to go to Tesco and buy him mango and pineapple. :)

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