Reception - Yellow Class: Bug Hotels

As part of Climate Learning Week, the children in Yellow class learnt about bug hotels. They learnt that bug hotels are a multi-storey homemade habitat where creepy-crawlies of all shapes and sizes can find a place to stay. They collected various natural materials from home such as straw, wood and sticks to use for the bug hotels with the support of some wonderful parents who volunteered and led the activity. The children were so excited to be outdoors and use the hop garden as an outdoor learning area. Look at some of our pictures.


Lyla 4K - Wow reception how did you make them?
The pictures look amazingly great even better my ones keep on learning and being creative

Kaitlyn3T - Well done yellow class you did well.
Am proud of you.

Jo Finburgh - Our daughter Sky said that making the bug hotels, and bird feeders and being outdoors was the best school day she has had so far. The benefits to the children's wellbeing, development and learning of being outside, learning in nature, and being creative, are enormous. I so hope this will be a regular feature of class. Thank you parents.

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