Reception - First Week Back

Reception pod have had fun learning all about the rainforest this week. We have been looking and learning about the animals of the rainforest and their habitats.

We have created masks and parrots, and we have been completing rainforest research in our rainforest research centre!

We have also been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. We have been finding real life objects and sorting them into shapes, and then creating building with these shapes!

To top it off, we have been doing some rainforest yoga each day this week!


Miss Tracey - Well done reception it's been a lovely week learning about rain forests,3d shapes you all enjoyed doing the yoga I just wish miss Tracey could have joined in with you but was great seeing you having fun . Thank you shamar for taking care of micheal the monkey and thank you to the other children who included micheal monkey in there play 😊 monkeys are one of my favourite rainforest animal's the other is the tiger miss Tracey shared with reception children that I feed some lemurs and a tiger cub in Cyprus with my son Warren in 2019

Humza 4M - I love these photos.

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