Boys Book Club - 11th June 2019

Today (11-06-2019) the Boys Book Club had another great session reading to the children in the Nursery. The boys went over after lunch and read stories to the nursery pupils while asking them questions about the book. The Nursery children were excited to have a story read to them and as a bonus they got to play with the Key Stage 2 children for five minutes at the end of the session.


Maëlle 5m - Aww the nursery children look so cute it must have been really fun

Gabriel 5M - Elijah and I were reading with a boy and we made him laugh so much there were happy tears in his eyes 😂🤣

hassan4z - They were so nice

zakariya matvad 4k - Looks like fun reading to the nursery kids!

Mr Fahy - Very nice to see the older children being good reading role models :)

Berat 5M - I really liked reading with the little kid

ismail 5m - I enjoyed working with them and my bro

Tariq 5M - Reading with them was fu

Aoife 5M - Looks great

Jake 5m - I had a great time reading to all the little children

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