Daubeney Choir Perform for Nursery

Nursery had visitors performing. Yes it was Daubeny's Choir! The Choir team came and sang some beautiful songs as Nursery and 2G watched delightfully. Children paid great attention to the Choir singing. Nursery children were very brave and took the opportunity to perform one of their Christmas songs.

You are definitely an amazing audience Nursery as well as performers!


Miss Tracey - I remember when choir came, the nursery really enjoyed them, I enjoyed them then and enjoyed now

Maelle 6F - Watching this in 2020 In lookdown is making me think how long I was in choir for.

Maya 3G - It was a very great performance

Elisabeth 6M - Watching in 2019 and this brings back so many memories

Timalma 1P - I wish I was there.

2G-Nicole - I was confuse on which lyrics I was on

Maelle - That was good

Ece - Well done wonderful

Ece 4k - I wish I was there.

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