Sustainable Travel Assembly

London's Walking and Cycling commissioner, Will Norman, came in to deliver an assembly to KS1 and KS2 about the benefits of sustainable travel. He spoke about how good it is for our health because of exercise and how it benefits the environment.

A healthier body means a healthier mind, which means walking or cycling to school will help us to concentrate in school and learn better.

The fact that you walk or cycle to school also means you will help the environment by not polluting it.

Vote Do you prefer to walk or cycle to school?

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Ayman 3P - I prefer walking because I do it all the time and its more healthy than doing others

Ms Cherid - I prefer to cycle to school every day, it helps wake me up in the morning and I feel good knowing I'm not contributing to pollution levels. We all know that London has some of the highest levels of air pollution so it is our duty to do something about it.

Mr Swarbrick - I absolutely love a good walk! You see things you’d normally miss on public transport and in the summer it’s great exercise!

Mr Matvad - I enjoy the cycle to school every morning

Mr Dharma - I live quite far away from school so cycling is my preferred option. I feel great when I cycle;I’m not caught in traffic; I don’t leave a carbon footprint and it’s wonderful to notice all the beauty around me on my journey, which I don’t see when I’m driving.

Ms Corpe - It is really important that we cut pollution and so we need to walk or cycle more. I prefer to walk so that I can talk to others. Remember when on the road 'Be Bright, Be Seen'!

Miss Gustave - Walking to school is great because it can be of great benefit to you and if a member of your family walks with you, a fantastic time to chat, letting them know all the interesting things that you have going on in your life. Improve your physical fitness, stay safe, walk.

Halima 5M - It was really interesting to know that pollution is taking over London
#Fight Pollution

leah 4z - This assembly was super interesting and fun I didn't know all of this information

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