School Council Visit the Houses of Parliament

School Council visited the Houses of Parliament on 16th October 2019. They were taken on a tour, where they got to see and learn about the history and what happens in the Houses of Parliament. They got to watch MP’s debate in the House of Commons, Theresa May was there too. The School Council attended a Voting and Representation workshop, in groups they worked on a manifesto, presented it and ran for elections.


Lena - That was fun and it was interesting

Malia 6F - It looks like you had good fun

Lexi (School Councilor) - I loved going to The Houses Of Parliament, because we got to see Theresa May! I mostly enjoyed having our own teams A, B, and C, D, E. sadly we lost but it was still fun!

Maya 3G - We saw Theresa May at the House of Commons.It was very interesting and very enjoyable HORRAY

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