'It Takes a Village' Holiday Activities

As part of Daubeney's 'It Takes a Village' project, we would like to celebrate fathers and male role models and the positive impact they have on our children.

As such, we are running two competitions for the children over the half term and would like your support in encouraging the children to take part.

Writing competition - Write a letter, poem or descriptive paragraph explaining why your dad or male role model should win the Best Dad Award.

Art competition - Create a piece of art work (drawing, painting, collage etc.) based on what your father figure means to you.

(It doesn't have to be your dad. It could be any male role model or someone who plays the role of a father in your life such as your granddad, uncle, brother, carer, teacher, LSA, learning mentor, coach.)

Deadline: Friday 7th June

The winners will have the opportunity to share their work at the celebration evening on Wednesday the 12th June