It Takes a Village... 2020 - Episode 3

Episode 3 of ‘It Takes a Village...’ presented by Mr Logan featuring: Aoife, Brian, Jusson, Lily-Ann, Miriam, Maelle, Miss Fergus & Miss Theresa.


Sarah (Florence and Dilys' Mum) - Thanks for another great episode...I love the 'It Takes a Village' programme. It's so informative and great to hear from different people within 'the village' and to think about the experiences of others. I too have been eyeing up your bookshelf! I have read Reni Eddo-Lodge's book "Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race", which is really eye opening and useful. I would also recommend Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad, for white people willing to delve into the subject of their own racism/structural racism. Keep up the good work Daubeney, I feel lucky our children are part of the school.

Miss Tracey - Well done to everyone who contributed with this video some lovely poems ❤

Miss Tracey - These episode was very powerful and had alot of meaning ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS DONT EVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU TOU CANT AND DONT LET ANYONE TRY CHANGE WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE WE ARE ALL UNIQURE AND SPECIAL AND DESERVE TO BE TREATED THE SAME .MR Keith LOVELY STORY OF NEVER GIVING UP AND FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM MISS Teresa such a powerful and emotional story 😢😢thank you for sharing it ❤.mr Logan ive been observing your books one in particular pitch black .I look forward to the final episode of it takes a village

Miss Theresa - I really enjoyed learning the history of the NH carnival Mr Logan. Shows how much we don't know, though exposed to it regularly. I was moved by all the views shared on BLM. Indeed it looks like the younger generation of children will make significant headway with their applaudable mindset. I definitely anticipate more ground being made in the fight for racial equality. Let's all work together to make the future better than the present.

Amir's mum - Very interesting and useful informations thanks for sharing .

Miss Yasmin - As Mr Logan said “knowledge brings about change,” I will be doing my bit in the form of research, reading, supporting campaigns etc in order to educate myself in the fight against racism. If we all do our bit, I believe we will be able to make a change for the better. As a famous singer once sang “If you’re gonna make this world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.”
Miss Theresa, that was a very heart-rending story, it made me cry. Thank you for sharing Justice’s story with us. ❤️

Miss Cenac - Infornative Mr Logan, Thank you to all staff who shared their experiences and views

Lynn (Mei's mum) - Thank you for making this videos. Thanks Miss Theresa for reading the captivating story. We look forward to catch up with the previous two episodes. I can not agree more about focusing on positivity and being persistent in pursuing positive goals. Patience and consistency takes a lot of energy and mental resources. That is where we have to make use of our family and friends and always seek for the right kind of help. Enjoyed listening to various people's experiences in the video.

Mr Logan - Mrs Taylor - it’s good to see you’re eyeing up my bookshelf!
That’s exactly what I was hoping for.
I would strongly encourage adults to either buy a book called ‘Black Britons - a forgotten History’ by David Olusoga or you could watch the BBC series of the same name on BBCiplayer. Knowledge brings understanding.

Mr Logan - Poppy! Your ability to identify key information is great! Maybe you could do some research on Trinidad, especially as it’s carnival week.
Stay great/become even greater Poppy!

Poppy - Wow amazing
Here are the answers to your questions Mr Logn
In 1963 Claudia Jones who was born in Trinidad. She Spoke about false propaganda against West Indians And how they were made to feel like a second-class citizen’s

Mrs Taylor - Another informative and very important video. I've been eyeing up Mr. Logan's bookshelf for book recommendations; there's always more to educate ourselves about in the fight against racism.

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