It Takes a Village... 2020 - Episode 2

Episode 2 of It takes a Village presented by Mr Logan.

Featuring: Ronnie, Nasra, Hind, Bola, Poppy, Hamza, Aoife, Taylor and Mr Tyrone.


Poppy - Thank you

Mr Logan - Another massive well done Poppy!
You are right, as a consequence of the Windrush generation working hard to stop discrimination against ‘Black’ people the government passed a law to stop discrimination against anyone based on their ‘colour’, religion or ‘disability’.
I’m really impressed by your desire to learn and to make the world a better place Poppy - stay great/become even greater!

Poppy - Mr Logan. In 1965, through the hard work of the wind rush generation the government made a law to stop discrimination against other people.

Miss Fergus - Thank you Mr Logan. I really enjoyed this. I love learning about inspiring people in history such as Roy Hackett. Well done to all the children that took part. Wow Mr Tyrone, that was such a powerful and emotional piece of spoken word. I'm looking forward t the next episode!

Mr Logan - Poppy - we’ll done for identifying what happened in 1963.
And you were correct, it was Mr Tyrone at the end 👍🏾
Were you able to identify how the Windrush migration improved the lives for all in the U.K.?
Hint: what happened in 1965 in Roy Hacket’s video?
Stay great/become even greater Poppy!

Ms Nadia - Fantastic piece of spoken word Mr Tyrone.

Poppy 5b - Another powerful episode. Incredible
Is it mr Tyrone at the end?
Roy’s story was amazing. Where would we be without people like him

In 1963. The answer to your question is. The bus companies stopped black people working for them. Roy and people like him fought the bus companies by sitting in front of the buses and they won the right to work

Mr Tyrone - Excellent Mr Logan! well put together..Great to learn about the activism of Roy Hackett. Super contribution from all of our children also. I encourage you all to research more historically for an even greater understanding.

Miss Tracey - Good evening daubeney this assembly was very good it sends out some very important messages never give up on something keep trying and trying to become who you want to be in life Children are the future soo it's in your hands dont give up BLACK LIVES MATTER EVERYONE MATTERS EQUALITY AND RESPECT FOR ALL I recommend that everyone reads coming to England it is very good I throughly enjoyed it bye for now

Hamza-5B - This is the very important and best event assembly thanks to the people who are in it.

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