Girls and Boys Football at Mabley Green

Well done to all the children who played. We had some excellent performances on the day and there will be more matches on the way.


Ava-5mc - That trip's amazing I am excited for our next tournament

Angel 6F - This was so fun and I'm very excited for a new match to come ♡

Binyamin 5mc - I really liked it because I defended the ball when the keeper came out of goal and that I participated

Hassanatu 5B - I really liked this football match even though we came second place!😅

Hassan 5f - Well done guys you did good

Abbie-liyra5mc - It was really fun playing against other teams all we need to do is step up our game and score 10 goals this was really really fun

Harvinder 5B - We all had a fantastic day, well done all.⚽

jago 5mc - Even though we lost most matches it was better than last time because I was in goal last time and there was only 2 shots at the goal

Ava 4m - I really liked being part of the tournament it was really fun!

Dara 3p - Well done girls for being so brave and confident also great work to the boys.

David 4k - They did well in the match

Maya 3G - It looks like you guys have had an epic time 😜🥳🤩

Ariella - 5MC - It was really fun playing football at Mabley Green and playing for Daubeney. I'm looking forward to playing more tournaments in the future.

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