Celebrating Differences Day 2020


Jeff Asare - That is great day for every occasion it a lot.

Elisha 4M - We had a great time

Lily (cp student) - Wow, its amazing how you are all educating others about your heritage. Its a good way to make people understand each other and their backgrounds. Keep it up. # fantastic costumes❤❤✌✌

Florence-4M - I enjoyed viewing the pictures of people dressed from their cultures.

Gloria (In Cardinal Pole) - Wow! That is fantastic! Sad that I never got to join Difference Day when I was in Y6. (Cries) 😞

Mrs Taylor - Lovely to see you all celebrating yourselves! Looking great :)

Lynn (Mei’s mum) - Such colourful clothes! Gorgeous smiles to go with them too!

Lawand - I really like it a lot

Jasmine 3S - I liked all your pictures, Daubeney. Well done

Bersu4m - That was fun.

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